First thing First


First of all, I would like to welcome everyone to my blog page!

Since this is my first blog, please let me introduce myself……

My name is Mr. Alan Cohen and I am the owner of “Crazy Alan’s Emporium” located in Chapel Hill. This is a small business which specializes in high-quality papers, pens and pencils. There are, of course, corners or sections within my small shop such as “Pens”, “Pencils”, “Envelope”, Kids, “Art Supply” and so on.

Most of my customers’ biggest interest is my vast collection of fountain pens. Since we specialize in mostly in writing materials, you will find that there are unless varieties of pens and pencils of many renowned brands such as Sharpie, Faber Castle and Prismacolor. We also sell notebooks, file cases and printing materials which suits our business name. Included among the office supplies are printers’ ink cartridges, sharpeners, bookends, photo frames and certificate holders.

Art supplies often interest the teens who are active, creative and passionate about what they do. We have various sorts of art supplies in general such as acrylic paints, brushes and specialized papers in no shortage to…OF COURSE…coloring books. I mean the adult coloring books that have become popular for the past few years.

So, my dear fellows…

Whenever you visit Chapel Hill, it would be a great pleasure to have you drop by our place!!

Thanks everyone

Stay tuned for more!!

Alan Cohen
Jemma Strauss

These are the photos of us!!!


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